Healing Services

Heart Space Atlanta  is a healing place that fosters community and scared transformation. Our practices include hypnotherapy, energy healing, meditation, massage/touch, sound healing, aromatherapy, and more.

Heart Space also hosts various ongoing developmental and community-building groups, workshops, series and events. We welcome and invite other like-minded practitioners, business owners and teachers serving the metro-Atlanta area to assist us.

Overall, we seek to guide people toward cultivating sustainable spiritual practices of their own. Learn to quiet your mind, tune into your inner knowing, and drop into the heart space.


Gently tend to the garden of your mind to reveal your authentic Self. In applying the inherent power of the subconscious, firmly rooted patterns and limiting beliefs are quickly modified with suggestion, story telling, guided imagery, NLP, singing bowls, and Reiki. Each highly individualized experience is unique.


Reiki Healing

Restore overall balance and well-being to the entire mind-body-soul system. Reiki induces the state of hypnosis, and nurtures the subtle emotional and energetic bodies. Pairing hypnotherapy and Reiki encourages the mental, emotional, and energetic bodies to release outmoded habits, patterns, and ways of being. This empowers clients to cultivate an environment within the body that naturally promotes healing.

Sound Healing


Enjoy a blend of crystal and/or Tibetan singing bowls, Reiki, and storytelling for a completely unique, deeply healing, hypnotic sound experience. As singing bowls effortlessly guide the mind into the state of hypnosis, suggestion, guided imagery and Reiki encourage the body and mind to enter the optimal state for healing. From this place of deep relaxation, known as “theta” to practiced meditators, the  the lower (human) and Higher (Spirit) Selves are artfully harmonized. The sonic journey is a wonderful option for those managing chronic physical and emotional pain,